Golden Rules Of Painter And Decorator Dublin

1. Always purchase the best possible tools and equipment you can afford for decorating. Pure bristle brushes are the best. Cheap paint is a false economy and generally involves spending a lot more time painting and extra coats required to get the required finish.
2. Always follow the manufacturers instructions on the paint tins and other materials involved in painting and decorating your home. Particular attention should be paid to the health and safety of handling various substances used in decorating your home in Devizes.
3. The most important consideration before you start to decorate is the surfaces to be painted should be carefully prepared/primed before being painted or decorated. This involves filling holes and cracks, sanding down, sealing porous surfaces, stripping walls or wood, replacing rotten wood, etc. Masking surfaces to be kept clean is the mark of the competent decorator. Complete all of your preparations before you start to decorate, as you don’t want to be sanding down a surface next to a recently painted surface as debris will stick to the finished paint work. painter and decorator

4. Ensure you have bought enough materials to complete the decorating job. Whether it is wallpaper or paint, the same batch number is essential for a great result.
5. Don’t rush the decorating job. Paints must be given adequate time to dry in between coats.
6. Keep the decorating area as dust free as possible. Roll up carpets etc.
7. Wear suitable cotton clothing and avoid woolen clothes due to the fibres ending up on your finished painting and decorating job. If you have pets, make sure they are kept away from the decorating area (as there’s nothing worse than seeing cat paw marks along your newly painted window sill!).

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