Imprinted Concrete Driveways- A Closer Look

An imprinted concrete driveway adds aesthetic value to your property. It helps you to revamp your home and gardens. The driveways are the first and foremost thing that catches the attention of the visitors.

There are many types of driveways such as asphalt, gravel, tarmac, cobblestone, etc. But the most predominant among these is imprinted concrete driveways. These are by far the superior driveways available today largely because of the fact that it is versatile and durable.

Most of the people tend to think that their job is done by effectively installing the imprinted driveways, but it is totally fallacious. Apart from its installation, maintenance is also very much required and necessary. A driveway is the first thing that the visitors see when they drive by your home and if your imprinted concrete driveway is not properly maintained then it makes a very loud and negative statement about the home and its owners.

It is certainly very much a necessity to maintain the driveways in order to enhance your home’s exterior beauty and avoid costly replacement. You do not need to hire anybody for the driveways maintenance and repairs. If you have the proper materials and little know-how about driveways, then you can do it yourself. In order to maintain driveways, the following points can be considered:

  • The driveways must be waterproofed and sealed intermittently by using the quality product. Sealing will protect it from the freezing temperatures, sarcastic chemicals and other harmful materials.
  • Any kind of cracks or holes must be patched up immediately. Extreme temperature changes and inadequate drainage system are the most common causes of cracks and holes in driveways.
  • Keep the heavy vehicles such as trucks, cranes, etc off of your driveway as it is not meant to accommodate heavy vehicles.
  • Pull off the weeds or bushes that grow too close to your driveways. This will cause the driveways to crumble and break down. If possible relocate the bushes or remove them completely. The weeds can be killed with the help of the herbicides.
  • Clean the driveways periodically by sweeping away leaves, gravel and dust. A soapy water or a wire brush can be used to get rid of oil stains. Do not use any chemicals as it will have a damaging effect on the driveways.

The periodic inspection and maintenance of driveways is utmost necessary. Therefore, in order to add beauty and longevity to your driveway, it is very much essential that the process of its maintenance must be undertaken with proper care and attention.