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Want To Know More About Wheel Balancers?

Wheel balancers are an essential piece of equipment for any place that calls itself a tire shop. After a new tire is bought, the wheel has to be balanced before it’s put back onto the car. If the wheel isn’t balanced it could cause a very noticeable and annoying vibration throughout the car. The wheel balancer comes in many different models, with many different features. Top of the line models can cost more than $10,000, while others may cost as little as $1,500. There is also the used option, which the internet is great for. Almost every product you buy on the internet comes with a discount, simply because you bought it online.Have a look at Wheel Balancers for more info on this.

An in-shop wheel balancer is no different. The used wheel balance tool, over $10,000 brand new, can be bought online through auction websites for as little as $2,000-$3,000 USD. For example, the COATS XR1850 is currently going for just over $2,000 with online bidding, when brand new it costs $13,000, plus tax. The top of the line wheel balancer system is really the only way to go if your shop wants to ensure repeat business.

The XR1850 is an advanced system that is capable of solving the toughest vibration problems on most vehicles. This balancing tool is able detect vibration problems, including any problems relating to radial or lateral run-out, and even residual static. Top of the line wheel balancers, such as the XR1850 will automatically make all the measurements for the technician, removing all human error from the process. The design of this balancer has been done to take into consideration the vast array of different wheel designs, making it easier for the tech, and quicker turnover for the customer.

Anything the tech does have to do is easily outlined and visible to see on the real time 3-D animated screen. This makes the graphics and visual cues given to the worker very easy to see and respond to. This particular Wheel Balancer, as with many higher end models, comes with its own printer to instantly share information with the appropriate parties. This touch screen model, literally, gives the wheel balance technician a wealth of information at their fingertips.

Over all, by investing in one of these types of wheel balancers, every step of the process is quicker, thanks to the well-planned ingenuity of the XR1850’s designers at COATS. Examples of this are: this design is equipped with a slide nut for improved mounting times, once the protective hood is lowered on the machine it automatically begins its work, and there are visual and audio cues for the worker to know when the proper amount of weight has been reached and when the weight has been positioned appropriately, for optimum performance for your car.

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